Sign the petition to cut emissions in Holland by 50% each decade between now and 2050.

The Holland Climate Collaborative is calling on all members of the greater Holland area to join us in asking the Holland City Council to change its Community Energy Plan’s goals to align with the most recent climate science findings.

It is imperative that we cut emissions by 50% each decade between now and 2050.

This cannot be accomplished by individual efforts. Industry, business, government, transportation, and many other sectors contribute to our current greenhouse gas emissions.

This goal calls for a collaborative community effort by citizens, business, and government.

A recent survey revealed 76% of individuals surveyed in Holland affirm that climate change is affecting weather patterns in Michigan and expect local government to respond. 

Join us as we work for a safe home and future for the coming generations.

Turn your opinion into action! Let local government know that you expect a response.

Add your name to our petition and we’ll carry your message to City Council!

Get your I'm a Holland Climate Voter Yard Sign and poster!

Tell your friends, neighbors and most importantly, our city leaders, that YOU are a climate voter! Our vision is to see hundreds of these signs throughout our community, and with your support we can make that vision a reality. 

Yard signs are FREE and available to folks across our region. Please follow the link to get your yard sign today! Feel free to also download and print a poster to place in windows, local community areas, businesses, etc.

I'd like to speak at Holland City Council!

City Council members have seen our yard signs.  Now let them see the people behind the signs. 

If you would like to speak, council meetings are every 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month! 

How do I get involved?

Contact Holland City Council

Let them know that you believe in climate change, and that we need to reduce our CO2 emissions by half each decade. We need to keep the Community Energy Plan goal of 10 metric tons of CO2 /person/year but get there by 2030 instead of 2050. 

Email examples:

Holland City Council,

My son and his family are dodging wild fires in California.  That’s one reason my friends in the League of Women Voters and I are concerned about climate change.  We wonder what you think about strengthening the Community Energy Plan emissions target.  Please send me a reply. 


Holland City Council,

My neighbors and I in Ward 1 noticed that there is a level of skepticism among some council members about the consensus among climate scientists on the threats posed by climate change.  We hope you might attend the Dr. Katherine Hayhoe event on January 22nd to learn more about how climate change is linked to our faith, our culture and our community.


Holland City Council,

I live in Park Township.  My neighbors and I buy our electricity from HBPW just like you do.  We think we should have access to Holland’s Home Energy Retrofit and On-Bill financing programs funded by HBPW income from ratepayers like us.  The more people who use these programs, the more we can reduce our carbon emissions that threaten our climate. 

What do you think?


Make a pledge

I will invest in energy efficiency at home, church, school, or workplace

My next car will be an Electic Vehicle!

I will buy renewable energy certificates, install solar panels, investigate carbon offsets

Host a Zoom Call

Host a Zoom event to share the news and the work with your friends and neighbors. We need to grow this community through grassroots support. This means we need everyone sharing the message and expanding the network!  

Share the vision:  Reduce our CO2 emissions by half each decade.

Keep the Community Energy Plan goal of 10 metric tons of CO2 /person/year but get there by 2030 instead of 2050. 

Build the community

There is already a large climate community in Holland, MI, but many struggle to raise their voice. We have over 1,000 in this community already, but we your support to continue to grow this. This means we need your support, and we need your voice! 

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