Group 157@2x

Who we are

We are people inspired by Holland’s long-standing spirit of community participation in the Community Energy Plan and deeply concerned when scientists tell us about climate change.

We are people active in Holland businesses and organizations such as the Climate Witness Project, the League of Women Voters, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Hope College, Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity, Pedal Holland, and the West Michigan Environmental Action Council.

We are informal, nonpartisan, and collaborative. We are the Holland Climate Collaborative.

Our Mission

  • Lobby City Council for a science-based climate goal: Reduce our CO2 emissions by half each decade.
  • Keep the Community Energy Plan goal of 10 metric tons of CO2 /person/year but get there by 2030 instead of 2050.
  • Holland can do this. We have the tools and the values to get there. Leadership that embraces the opportunity will get the job done.

Our Vision

National recognition of Holland for its scientifically-based climate and energy goals that enhance the environmental, economic, and social wellbeing of all, including the most vulnerable.

Our Values

We believe:

  • Science and economics can work together to meet the challenge of climate change.
  • Community creativity, innovation, and collaboration can achieve climate solutions.
  • Vulnerable members of our community have much to say and should be heard.
  • Small towns can have large impact by setting an example that inspires others.
  • Transparency and accountability focus everyone’s attention on the common goal.

Our Strategy

City Council’s own priority is to review and refresh its strategies for reaching our emissions goals.  We encourage a focus on strategies in three categories.

  • Invest in energy efficiency
  • Electrify everything
  • Use renewable energy

Join Us, Get Involved

  • Connect to the Collaborative through our web page, newsletter, and weekly Zoom shows.
  • Join our Email Campaign asking City Council for science-based community emissions goals.
  • Host a Zoom event to share the news and the work with your friends and neighbors.
  • Support renewable energy:  buy REC’s, install solar panels, investigate carbon offsets.
  • Electrify everything:  “My next car will be an EV ,and my next furnace will be a heat pump.”
  • Invest in energy efficiency at home, church, school, or work place.

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Contact us

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