Local Spotlight: Holland Sunrise Movement

Young people in the community are rising to action. They’re taking their future in their hands and asking the same of older generations.

Photography by Mika Baumeister via Unsplash

By Shanley Smith


The Sunrise Movement

Across the globe youth are banning together to speak out about climate change. In many cases, young people are the most recognizable faces of the climate movement. Sweden’s Greta Thunberg and Chicago’s Isabella Thompson are household names.

But maybe you haven’t heard of this one: The Sunrise Movement. Its members describe themselves as “a youth movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.” This mission shines with hope. They believe a green future won’t destroy our economy; it will save it. 

That’s why they support the Green New Deal.  This piece of legislation aims not just for clean energy, but just and equitable transitions and liveable wages. Sunrise stands on principles of nonviolence, inclusivity, and initiative. “The climate revolution,” they rightly call themselves.


Getting Local

Here’s the hottest news yet… 

Sunrise is starting a hub in Holland. Right here in West Michigan, youth are leading the charge. And their work is just getting started. Their next meeting is April 10 and they’re looking for individuals like you to join them.

Young people in our community are the next generation of stewards. And they are already stepping  up to the plate and taking action.


Join the Action

Are you passionate about saving the environment and transforming our economy? Are you under the age of 35? The Holland Sunrise Movement is looking for you to step up and take charge!

Over the age of 35, but still interested? Don’t worry! There’s room for you too. Feel free to attend the meeting to learn how to support the Sunrise Movement.

Join their next meeting on April 10. And get ready to get active!

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